Mooji an Enlightened Soul

I posted a quote by the spiritual teacher or guru called Mooji. I discovered Mooji on YouTube. I watch or listen to alot of different motivational speakers or spiritual teachers on YouTube, as well as listen to different types of music including mantras and relaxing spa music. Mooji popped up on my playlist and I never heard of him before but I was curious, so I listened to him speak. He brings me much comfort and wisdom which I am grateful for along with many other teachers I enjoy listening to like Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins.

Many spiritual teachers talk of the benefit of meditation. This is something that does not come easy for me. I tried it a few times without much success but recently I have been trying to do it again. It is a goal of mine to make it a part of my morning routine along with yoga. Anyway, it came to me that meditation unlike sleep, is a clearing of the mind. While sleep is like recharging your battery. It seems much like a computer. When your phone or computer starts to run out of charge, you have to recharge it. This is like when we sleep we recharge ourselves. And meditation can be likened to clearing our data out of our phone or computer. When it gets overloaded with too much data, you have to clear your data so it works at its maximum capacity. Just like our minds can get overloaded and we get stressed out and cannot see things clearly. So, thats what mediation is for, clearing or quieting our minds so we can connect to our true source.

Mooji’s quote I posted under “Inner Peace” is as follows:

Goddess of hunted
Must become
Goddess of meditation
Delusion produces
If you want clear water
You must
Go to the source

The above quote is something I heard Mooji say in one of his talks. To be quite honest, I am not completely sure what he meant. But to me it means that sometimes we don’t see things clearly as they should be seen. Our life or the way we perceive things often can become deluded and as a result we become fearful, angry, or full of anxiety and stressed out which causes pain and takes away from our happiness. So we must go to the source thru prayer and meditation asking to see things more clearly so we can have true understanding and knowledge.




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