“World Change Starts Within”

I would like to start by saying, I may not be qualified to write on such an incredibly difficult subject. I am just a hairstylist by trade and an artist at heart. I am a human being though who cares about people and animals and the world I live in and I would like to make a difference in our world for the better of course.
I hope you will consider my ideas and not be biased because of my lack of knowledge of politics, history, economics , or any other subject that scholars or college educated people may have. I feel despite this, I am a very intelligent person and have alot to say and offer which may help in some way or another.
Change starts within I believe. We cannot change the world over night. It is slowly evolving as everything and everyone does. In my personal life experiences, I have had many challenges and have overcome a lot of them and will continue to work on myself everyday that I am here on this planet.
It hurts me to see the suffering that exists because of man inflicting pain on others or to see people starving to death everyday living in poverty. In my opinion, alot of this pain is because of political and religious differences. I am not a political person for this very reason. Also, I am not religious, although I am a spiritual being. Two of my most revered men of all time was John Lennon and Ghandi. My favorite song is Imagine by John Lennon. That song pretty much sums it up for me.
I feel that alot of the wars that exist today are because of religious differences. Muslims killing Christians and vise versa. It is absolutely ridiculous. Children starving to death in the streets. Why? Because of politics. So how can we make a difference? How can I help?
In small ways we all can help. Just like Mother Theresa, who fed the hungry and cared for the dying. She knew she could not do it all. She could not save everyone. One day at a time, one person at a time, this is how we do it.
I am not talking about feeding their bellies or tending to the sick physically. I am talking about changing peoples’ views on religion in general for starters. Also, by helping people on an individual basis to help them be happier inside and to let go of their pain and anger. Angry people kill. Angry unempathetic sociopathic people control the world. If we as a whole had more love and empathy for our fellow man, there would be less suffering.
I was baptized Catholic and then at the age of 13 years old my mother decided to become a Jehovah’S Witness. I was forced to become one as well. I was not allowed to go to college or associate with non believers. This was just a few of the beliefs that I was brainwashed to believe. I became severely depressed in my early twenties. I realized something was conflicting within me. It took many years of reading spiritual books and philosophizing on my own before I realized that this religion was not the right one for me.
I came to the conclusion that all religions are different paths leading to the same place. People cannot help sometimes what they believe. Most of the time, people have no choice as to their religious or political beliefs because of where they were born and what their parents believe which is usually forced onto their children. Everyone is brainwashed in a sense to adopt the beliefs of the world they were born into. If only we can help people realize that it does not matter what religion you are as long as you are trying to be a good person and be moral, that this is more important than who has the truth. Truth is subjective.
Compassion is the most important quality a human can have. Compassion and love for our fellow man and animals is what motivates people to help. How can we help people realize this?
I believe it starts by self healing. We all can be so consumed with our own pain and wrapped up in our own everyday lives that we forget about others. In my search for truth and healing, I came to realize that maybe I can help others. I started thinking that our differences is what people fight over. Everyone thinks they are right and that they have the truth. This fight over who is right or wrong is the root cause of war. Power in the wrong hands causes so much suffering. We have to help empower the weak and poor. Often times sick, poverty stricken people are deeply depressed and feel powerless.
That is why I started my Facebook and Instagram page called PositiveVibes. I send out positive messages thru inspirational quotes, poetry, philosophy, and spirituality which I find encouraging that has helped me in hopes to help others. It is a small step, but I already have over 7,000 followers on Facebook. Surprisingly, most of my followers are from the Middle East and India. I believe this may have something to do with the state of conditions in those countries. Many people over there agree with my views. They too want peace and to end suffering. We are all just people underneath. We all bleed red.

It makes me feel happy to know if I can help even just one person feel better for the day by sending an encouraging uplifting message, then it is worth it. I am using social media to send my messages all over the world. I am not the only one doing this of course. Many other people are doing the same thing. Social media is a way to reach people everywhere. Social media can be used for many things. I chose to use it to help other people stay focused on the beautiful and positive aspects of life. I want to help build people up and to help people realize that it does not matter where you are from or what race, religion, or what your political beliefs are; but rather that we are all basically the same underneath. We are all human beings and let’s have compassion for our fellow man. You can’t change the world or anyone else for that matter until you look within and help yourself heal and find some kind of peace within. Change starts within!🙏☮️🌎

YouTube link➡️ IMAGINE ☮️ Song by John and Yoko Ono

Donna Morton Louks (aka) dMkButterfly

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