Conversation with God

God..”You want to reach the heavens you say…You want to be blessed with gifts you say. Well you have to go to Hell first. Then you may enter.”

Me..”Hum? Not sure…sounds kinda like a tough place. But what the Hell!”

God..”A few questions before I drop you down there…cancer, bi-polar disorder, poverty, down syndrome, abuse, heart disease?…the list goes on…Choose your hardship”

Me..”Hum? Jesus Christ!..they all sound awful! How about bi- polar disorder. That doesn’t sound so bad.”

God..”Ha ha ha…that’s what you think😜 So by the power invested in me I grant you the gifts of creativity. And you shall reach the lowest depths of the earth and the highest heights of the heavens! Let it be!”

Me…”Holy shit! Sweet Jesus! God damn! You ain’t kidding..alot harder than I imagined.”

God…”Nothing worth while comes easy my son”

Me..”Ain’t that the truth! No pun intended.😉”

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