Rabbit Hole

Into a well
She did fall
So very deep
So very far
On her knees
She began to pray
Over and over
Every day
Years went by
She had no choice
Because she thought
No one heard her voice

So she climbed slowly up the well

Hoping to reach the top

To escape her Hell

Then one night it appeared

From far away
It she feared
She closed her eyes
For it was bright
And so very very white
This shinning light
What could it be?
An angel heard her

Poem by dmkbfly

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  1. This was a wonderful poem. Did you write it? Very special. Toward the end, might I offer a thought I had? As I was reading your poem, these edits came to my mind.

    Then one night
    It appeared
    The light was very bright
    It came from far away
    She closed her eyes
    For it was so very white
    This shinning light
    What could it be?
    Finally, an angel heard her plea!

    You should enter your poem into a contest. It’s really beautiful. I’m not a poem writer (I hope you don’t mind my critique), so I don’t know who has poem contests. How about Reader’s Digest to see if they have a contest. All of us go through the “Rabbit Hole” at different times of life. Thanks for writing something so inspiring. Also, great photo to go with the poem. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, I wrote it. Thank you for the critique. I will consider it. And you are very welcome! It was my pleasure. I never really considered a poetry contest. But I’ll keep that in mind. I appreciate your comments. Have a blessed day🙏

      1. Remember, if you do decide to submit for a contest — have a thick skin. I am writing a children’s book, and it is a known fact that we receive a lot of rejection letters before we WIN! If you know and understand this, you won’t have your feelings hurt and INSTEAD you KNOW your are a winner and you keep trying. IN the end, you’ll win with the contest that appreciates and enjoys your type of writing style. OK GOOD LUCK! Why not take a chance!

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